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Ask a Trooper: Do drivers always need to physically carry license?

Question: My daughter recently left her license at her grandparents’ house and couldn’t get it for a week, ...


Senate Report: Local farms recognized for contributions to Minnesota’s agriculture industry

Since 1979, the University of Minnesota Farm Family Recognition Program has honored farm families from each county for ...


Live United: Being mothers has prepared us for new roles with pantry

A mama came in with another woman. Mother, sister, extended family, friend, I’m not sure, but they juggled ...


My Point of View: Why is recent movie even a political issue for some?

When a powerful message comes out that is about protecting children, watch who is against the message. That ...


Live United: Thanks for the encouragement to savor in the quiet moments

I’m slowly starting to come out of the haze of the all-consuming development of the pantry. To follow ...


Senate Report: Legislative session leaves Minnesotans behind

I am hoping everyone is having a great summer. We recently celebrated and recognized our nation’s Declaration of ...


Ask a Trooper: Motorcyclists must wear eye protection

Question: Now that motorcycle season is here can you talk about how motorcycle operators must “wear” eye protection. ...


Guest column: Expanding access to broadband internet

In 2023, you can’t fully participate in our economy if you can’t get online. That’s why I introduced ...


My Point of View: The tyranny of extremes on the political spectrum

We have become victims of the extreme elements of both ends of the political spectrum. While their beliefs ...


Guest column: Transportation, logistics and distribution

Guest column by John Double One of the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce’s committees is the Chamber ...


Live United: Starting a new program is like having a newborn baby

I’ve come to the realization that developing a new program is like having a baby. You prepare for ...


Ask a Trooper: Are careless and reckless driving different?

Question: What is the difference between careless or reckless driving? What about “exhibition driving?”


My Point of View: Honor the Founding Fathers who gave much for the nation

Happy Independence Day! On July 4, 1776, fifty-six representatives of the 13 American colonies declared that those colonies ...


Live United: Always treat others as you would like to be treated

Thursday evening, after a long day at camp, playing with friends at the softball field while his sister ...


Ask a Trooper: How should I protect myself after vehicle sale?

Question: If I sell my vehicle to a private party, what do you recommend I do to protect ...

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